How do I create your greeting card?

Hi Everyone,

I get hit in the head with ideas in odd places: at the grocery store, over glasses of wine with my sisters, in dreams, at brunch with my kids and their friends and when I am hit with an event that strikes me upside the head.

Sometimes I am so struck by the beauty of a turnip that I just have to say something with it. 

So, I paint it, using oil paints on canvas boards or stretched canvas with as much care and flair as I do my fine art paintings. 

Then I write and edit the greeting with the goal of making the world a nicer place.

When the painting is dry (it takes a while), my son-in-law, the photographer Craig Fallis, does his magic to digitize them for me.

I create your card on my template, print it myself and then, I look at it and sometimes I embellish the card with my colored pencils or ink, whatever strikes me, or if you have given me clues in your email about the purpose of the card, sometimes I can personalize it that way.