Understanding mailing (stamp) costs

Hi everyone, This online store operates in $US. I want to encourage you -- my customers in both the US and Canada to understand the different mailing options and costs.

Mailing a single card to you, so that you can sign it and send it to your recipient will cost the price of the card, plus US$0.98 if you live in the US and US$1.15 if you live in Canada.

Why is this? The USPS charges me more (US$1.15) to mail to Canada. Your single card will be packaged to mail to you, so that raises the mailing costs because the card and packaging together weigh more than the card alone.  

If you want me to make your life simpler by stamping the envelope so all you have to do is admire the card, sign it (maybe write a nice, chatty note), and address the envelope then the cost is an additional US$0.49 for Americans (to supply a USPS Forever stamp) and US$0.65 for Canadians, to supply a Canadian Permanent stamp (for mailing within Canada only).

Why is this? Canadian Permanent stamps cost CAD$0.85 but the current exchange rate is about US$1 = about CAD$1.35.

If you really want to simplify things for yourself (and who doesn't want to simplify?), then send me an email with the address of your intended recipient and how you want me to sign the card. I will then stamp, address and mail your envelope to your intended recipient. 

The additional cost for this service is US$1.00.  

So because the stamp costs of a single card are lower, it essentially costs you very little extra to have me stamp, sign and address the card to your recipient.  

Check my page on saving mailing costs per card by buying 5 or 10 cards at a time! Free shipping if you order 5 cards at one time!